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Crowdfarming FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Crowd farming is a model where a number of investors own shares in a farming venture.

Step 1 – Select a project to invest in from the current available projects

Step 2 –Select the number of units and click "Farm Now"

Step 3 – You'll need to sign in/up to check out with your project

Step 4 - Sit back, relax as we use the money to farm and send you regular updates on progress

Step 5 : Receive your share of profit (plus principal)  at the end of the cycle or contract 

For more details, click on How it works  for the overview of the process.

Sponsors/investors are paid at the end of the contract period. So if you have invested in a 6 month project, you're paid at the end of the 6 months crop cycle. The payback includes principal amount and profit shared according to the terms of the sponsorship contract

Yes, we welcome investors from across the globe, anywhere, any time

Yes, every farming cycle is insured against risks under a multi-peril cover by a reputable underwriter

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Mobile Payments (MPESA)

Absolutely,The site, back end and all transactions are secure. We utilize a SSL, the same way banks and other secure sites do (128 bit encryption (High))

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