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Crowdfarming Africa out of Poverty and Food Insecurity!

Crowdfarming Africa out of Poverty and Food Insecurity!

Development experts and political leaders agree that Africa’s enormous agricultural potential, if tapped, can feed the continent and spur socio-economic growth. 

In its 2016–2025 strategy for agricultural transformation in Africa, the African Development Bank (AfDB) advises governments to empower smallholder farmers to sustainably and profitably produce more food and achieve a food-secure continent.

That means strengthening the bargaining power of small-scale farmers and giving them access to all important capital that comes with capacity building in areas of production, knowledge, value addition and markets.

Empowering small-holder farmers across Africa achieves two crucial goals: first it promotes the continent’s food sustainability and second it enhances incomes thus alienating poverty.

It’s worth noting that Africa has over 33 million small-holder farmers, who amid monumental hurdles are tasked with feeding an enormously young and rapidly growing population. This is no mean fete.

As governments and different stakeholders work together to build capacity at scale, Agritech startups across Africa seem to be an invincible hand in pushing the limits of this subsistence agenda to a whole new level. 

With different prolific themes taking center stage in agricultural innovation, we are excited to launch ifarm360 hinged on 3 pillars: Innovation, Technology (Platforms) and Crowd. We are keen on Agriculture both as a challenge and opportunity in the elevation of Africa’s sustainable development.

Crowdfarming Africa out of hunger and poverty is a huge challenge, but it’s a mantra at our firm.

Crowdfunding is not new to many of us. This practice of crowd sourcing alternative finance has pre-existed in different forms. Particularly for Africa, chamas (savings, self-help, MfI groups) have existed for this purpose, to crowd source value, creating the ecosystem specific, self-sustaining sharing economy; a powerful catalyst!

Ifarm360’s crowdfarming model is truly innovative borrowing from our own experiences farming in rural kenya. As mentioned before, our distinct model, leverages two powerful levers: on one side are many poor smallholder farmers in Africa and on the other is hinged on millions of working class and business people with substantial capex, passionate about farming but unable to actively participate in sustainable agriculture, majority of whom have ended as unsuccessful mobile farmers.

So, what conventionally prevents these two from collaborating?


This is what we are keen to establish.  A model where trust is guaranteed through our operations, professional farm operations that safeguard different interests.


How Ifarm360 platform works

High yield farm projects owned by farm groups are crowdsourced, verified and posted live on ifarm360. As a crowd investor from anywhere in the world, you are able to review them based on crop information, market off taking, cost calculator and ROI. Once ready to invest, you again have the opportunity to invest in a whole project or simply select the number of units you are comfortable investing in. With advancement in fintech, we have made it easy, efficient and extremely safe to complete transactions when you send and receive funds from ifarm360.

What have we achieved?

 After successful farm phases in rice, capsicum, garlic and French beans value chains, Ifarm360’s is brightening with overwhelming investor confidence. Our farmers are the levers to sustainability; our crowd investors are the champions pushing the lever; we are the fulcrum and our load is Africa.

Success stories

We have worked with farmers like Peter, Monica, Elisha, Rusalia and Otieno, all from Nyanza, Western Kenya, whose rice farming groups have shown tremendous impact. We are pleased with the impact our scale of operations has shown in their lives and those of their families. The rice farm (phase one in Kano) ensured returns for investors like Astrid, Evance, Milka who out of great faith, invested on these smallholder farmers.

The future

We are keen on building a 360 end-to-end business model that bridges the 3 crucial gaps in the African agricultural value chain across Africa: Finance, Storage and Market.


Africa sustainability is our business!


Do you have a farming project with huge potential at scale, get in touch at farmersupport@ifarm360.com

Are you ready to invest on farmers, empowering them while earning huge returns? Get in touch with investorrelations@ifarm360.com

If keen on partnerships, contact admin@ifarm360.com

For general inquiries, contact info@ifarm360.com

…. Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation




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